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JoySens 1.5

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Joysens is a handy homebrew plugin that allows you to tweak the sensitivity of the PSP's analog stick according to your personal taste.

Change log (1.5):
- code cleanup
- added possibility to choose only from a selected list of remapmodes (ie only switch between your favorite modes) per game/vsh
- fixed that adjust=0 will turn off the analog
- added LITE version, that does not support config file saving, no ingame info output as well as no ingame config settings with buttons
- added “threshold” config parameter, to adjust button remapping from analog
- added “thresholdupbtn” and “thresholddownbtn” config parameters, to set buttons for setting the threshold ingame
- added “idlestop” and “idleback” config parameters, to set when the analog movement stops the idle timer or returns back from idle (brightness dimming/display off feature of PSP firmware).
- optimized config file reading a bit
- updated FAQ
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