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Hellcat's Recovery Flasher 1.65

What is this? And why?

Short version:
- Flashes a fresh M33 CFW (everyone from 3.71 up)
for recovering semi-bricks or to up-/downgrade CFW
- does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
- does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts
all required files from the original .PBP)
- runns fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 - handy for upgrading older
FWs w/o the "need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher" odyssey :-)
- runns fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
- can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme,
settings, PSN activation, complete firmware)
- can make and restore full NAND dumps

Change log (1.65):
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