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GEN Team Custom Firmware 5.50C

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GEN Team Custom Firmware 5.50D3 Final
Custom PSP Firmware by the GEN team.

Change log (5.50C):
- Ability to run 5.51 + games without having to patch (UMD or ISO).

- Ability to run protected games like Soul Calibur or FMA example (UMD or ISO).

- To launching PSN demos requiring 5.51 + without having to patch them as AMS.

- Connection via PSN MEDIAGO without having to install complicated utility (option in beta yet).

- Possibility to use the XGEN Updater to install the official firmware 6.10 (For use only if you have a Pandora XGEN handy to be able to return later in Custom firmware.

Known Issues:

- IRShell can no longer launch ISO patch but the patch will be released in a few minutes.

- Video playback 480x272 raises concerns but a fix is being studied.

- The option to accelerate the reading of MS is being ported to 5.50GEN.
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