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FuSa SD 1.0.50b

Full-screen video output, full-speed game play, and fully functional POPS support. ItÂ’s the way TV out should be on the PSP-2000/Slim.

Change log (1.0.50b):
- New "SpeedDBoosteR" solves speed issues for all games and now it's turned on by default (I believe).

- New rewritten engine! (light and powerful).

- Now uses "one-way-cache".

- Added on-fly screen mode switcher - Press (-) & /\ (i.e. Vol down & Triangle).

- Added cpu clock switcher to menu.

- Added Vram hack (for high compatibilty - must be helpful ^^).

- Added Plug'n'Go! feature - just insert cable and plugin will be activated automaticaly ( the same will happens if you are launching the game from XMB with a cable plugged-in ).

...and a lot of other minor things
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