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FIX -> PSP-3000 TA-095 9g Upgrader for 6.20 1.0

If you have a PSP-3000 TA-095 (09g) model and downgraded with the Chronoswitch by Davee you know that you can't go back to 6.3x or 6.60 firmware.
But there is good news for you because Frostgaters' Physical Upgrader will do the trick!!!

Here's what you need to do:

-First you have to get the official 6.3x or 6.60 firmware. Unfortunately we can't host it on here due to copyright issues so just google it and you will find it.
-After you have done that copy to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ and keep the name EBOOT.PBP. Then just copy Frostegater's upgrader to /PSP/GAME/Upgrader/ and launch it.

After that it will start the SCE updater and you will be back to the latest and greatest and you can do whatever you want from there.

Change log (1.0):
First release!
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