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CFW 6.60 ME 1.5

Our download center contains a more recent version of the file you're trying to download:
CFW 6.60 ME 1.8
The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people's test reports.

--How to Install--
First, you need to install CFW or HEN in your PSP.

1. copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
2. Put 6.60 official update at ms0:/PSP/GAME/660.PBP, or let the program download it for you can use a wifi connection.
3. Run installer from xmb.

-- features --
Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW.

view the readme for more information

6.60 me 1.5 for PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 (non TA88v3+)
6.60 lme 1.5 for PSP 3000 and PSP Go, and PSP 2000 w/ TA88v3+

Change log (1.5):
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