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6.20 TN-A HEN (PSP 3000 patch)

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Half-Byte Loader + TN-HEN for the Sony PSP 6.20 (Patapon2 version)

Where can I get the latest version of this software ?

What is it ?
This is a package including Half-Byte Loader and TN Hen for the firmware 6.20
This allows you to run homebrews from the Menu of your PSP, as long as you have firmware 6.20 installed.
This works on all models of PSP, including the PSP Go.
This does NOT work on firmwares above 6.20

How to use
1) Install the Patapon2 Demo on your PSP.
This demo can be downloaded at:

2) copy the files from this archive at the root of your memory stick.
You should end up with a h.bin file at the root of your memory stick, as well as a hbl folder, and a new savegame in the PSP/SAVEDATA folder

3) Put some homebrews in your PSP/GAME folder.

4) Run the "Patapon Demo" on your psp.
- When you reach the main menu, click on "continue" and select the Savegame "Wolo's return"
- The game will ask you to click any button, then to press "RTrigger", just do so
- The Homebrew Loader should start, running the "Hen" automatically
- You will then be taken back to the PSP Menu, from which you can now run your homebrews.
To confirm it works, try pressing "select" in the PSP menu, it should show the Hen settings menu

Change log ((PSP 3000 patch)):
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