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5.03 Prometheus 4

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5.03 Prometheus 2
A handy tool based on CFW 5.03 GEN-C that allows PSP-2000 TA088v3 (2000v3) and PSP-3000 users to launched all the latest titles that requires firmware 6.20 without the need of any plug-ins.

Change log (4):
Repair 2000v3 not work problem.
Check adding firmware 5.03 .
Analysis of the custom key file restoration process in the small problem .
Fix crash when unloading the issue , amendment reboot show .
Uninstall the original version of file recovery 5.03 .
After the MAC address MAC fix hidden display for the gaps .
Brush the former increase the frequency to 333/166 .
Prometheus module and has been used to improve the game 's compatibility
Optimize application performance and size
Amendment SysMemUserForUser_91DE343C possible problems
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