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D PSP Emulator Version 306

Homebrew developer soywiz has released a new build of D PSP Emulator, a "multithreaded PSP emulator developed with a TDD approach for PC made in D programming language."

Change log (306):
revision 306
Removed halffloatToFloat code and using D "alias CustomFloat!(10, 5, hfloat" instead.
Check! Ignore division by zero on DIV/DIVU
Moved ignored VFPU instructions to the active VFPU instructions
Check! Implemented ThreadManForUser.sceKernelNotifyCallback
Fixed ThreadManForUser.sceKernelSetVTimerHandler. Fixed VTimer and unittesting (tested on real hardware).
revision 305:
Added Vfpu.OP_VFIM
Fixed TextureMatrix loading
Maybe now are fixed the crashes on startup (gpu start first, and display later
instead of at the same time. Maybe some race conditions calling nonthreadsafe
windows functions)
Added tests for VFIM and VROT to pspautotests (external)
* Fixed all NeHe demos!! Now rotation works fine (a problem VFIM), and with TextureMatrix loading working textures are showing properly too.
Added make_all.bat to dmd to build DMD, druntime and phobos
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