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Digimon World Custom Eboot 2.0

Thumbnail 1 for Digimon World Custom Eboot
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The resources that you can use when you make your own eboot. Game icon and background were taken from someone else. Also, the icon1.pmf and snd0.at3 are separated instead of muxed together into a single pmf because things are smoother that way (doesn't jar when video isn't exactly synced with the audio).

This package contains:
- icon0.png TitleScreen Ver
- pic1.png TitleScreen Ver
- icon0.png CG Ver
- pic1.png CG Ver
- pic0.png 
- icon1 - Battle.pmf
- icon1 - FightScene.pmf (alternate pmf that was online)
- icon1 - IntroRemix.pmf
- snd0 - Curling.at3
- snd0 - Machinedramon.at3

Change log (2.0):
- Separated the original shit tier with two awesome tier background/icon ideas.
- Added an actual sound loop that makes sense.
- Remade my own version of the fight scene
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