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True Blue Patch Viewer 2.0.3

This tool allows you to search for True Blue EBOOT patches, as well as the latest TB dongle firmware and TB PS3 CFW.

Change log (2.0.3):
Features 1.0:

- 4 downloads allowed and then you have to wait an hour before they can re-download
- Constant update of software to each release of new patches
- Download the latest firmware update for dongle True Blue
- Description and display the cover of the patch
- Direct download links

Features 2.0.3:

- Download limit removed
- Download the True Blue CFW
- Choice ranking order of the patches
- Ability to search a patch directly from the software
- Send and extraction patches directly on the PS3 in the game folder (Compatible with internal & external hard drive) BETA
- Simplified extraction when extracting on PC
- Visualization of the region of the patch when selected
- Automatic Update
- Server Status
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