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E3 Flasher PS3 Dual-boot Upgrade 1.0

E3 Flasher Team announced that the E3 Flasher supports PS3 dual-booting now

2012 new year gift from E3 team.

1:Fast dual boot is now available. There are no brick risk any more! (Cause the operations are done on E3 onboard NOR instead of PS3 NOR flash)
All E3 flasher limited and E3 nor flasher can operate this way, click here to download file.

We're now producing 1000 more pieces of E3 flasher Limited version for those interested on dual boot.

2: E3 TBJB2CFW CHECKOFF available , the E3 flasher downgraded console can also works with TBJB2, click here to download file and enjoy new game.
Please note you still need the TBJB2 device. You can install this CFW on PS3 with recovery MODE or re-downgrade PS3 with this file, instead of STEP1 PS3UPDAT.PUP file.

3: E3 MOVE SUIT , the first third-party PS3 MOVE controller suite will be released soon, it will be fully compatible with all PS3 fat and slim, there will be many available colors, more comfortable design and more economic price to bring you a better enjoyment. You have a better choice now to add to the original accessories.

The E3 MOVE SUIT include 4 parts :
E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera , and E3 camera stand


Change log (1.0):
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