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The famous Geohot resurfaced today, to release a useful app called dePKG. The app is very useful for devs that are planning to look into Sony's official firmware files. dePKG is a linux app that will decrypt PKG files (not to be confused with PSN PKG files) that are within PS3UPDAT.PUP files. This will allow devs to take a look at files such as CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg, from the convenience of their PC. Previously, the only way to take a look at these files was via graf_chokolo's method which utilized the PS3. Geohot's app is ready to be compiled and includes necessary decryption keys.
Now all that developers have to do is use this little gift along with previous released PUP unpackers, and once fail0verflow releases their tools, you will be seeing a flood of custom firmware pup's that are fully signed and useable on all PS3's!

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