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YouTube Plugin formedia-player 1.4

today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated the YouTube Plugin to version 1.4 for Showtime PS3 Media Player.

Change log (1.4):
Below are the changes, to quote:

Add: Show Feeds
Add: Sort feeds (published, relevance, views, rating, position, comments, duration and title)
Add: Filter Channel Feeds by Type
Add: Filter Show Feeds by Genre
Add: Filter Show Feeds by Region
Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Genre
Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Region
Add: Filter Standard Feeds by Hungary region
Add: Live Feeds
Add: Background support (can be enabled via Settings page)
Add: Set minimum resolution to play
Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Language
Enhancement: Only show free content in Movie Feeds
Enhancement: If it is not possible to get the original video link(s), try to get an error message
Enhancement: Use API version 2.1, it allows Google users that don't have a Youtube channel to use some features of Youtube
Enhancement: Upon Youtube entrance show Login popup if setting enabled, if user does not authenticate there he will not have access to features exclusive for Youtube users
Enhancement: Show Message Alert when user uses an action (e.g. like a video, add to favorites, ...)

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