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WinSkeet 4000 Rev 111002

today PlayStation 3 developers uf6667, ago and bmx have made available the Winskeet40000 Rev 111002 software platform for Windows.

E3 flasher

Change log (111002):
elow are the recent changes, to quote:


New Qt GUI implemented
Linux and MacOS X support
Added predefined and user presets
Fixed ability to select invalid ranges
Added a file patcher
Flasher: Added support for canceling running operations
Flasher: Added USB device reset
Flasher: Added support for erasing as a stand-alone operation
Flasher: Added cycle period selection, should help with longer cables
Flasher: Added abort on error option
Flasher: Reodered operations, full read, full erase, full write
Flasher: Fixed bug with unreliable GPIO operation
NOR: Added new write mode "Dual word program"
NOR: Added display of total flash size
NOR: Fixed flashing of the second half of Samsung K8Q2815UQB and likely other dual chip NORs
NOR: Added erase block region configuration
NOR: Added selection of number of bytes for buffered write
NOR: Added support for Spansion S29GL128N90TFIR2
NAND: Made custom ranges work
NAND: Added Dual-NAND reading. Reads a block from two NANDs simultaneously, thereby doubling the speed.

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