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PSIDPATCH 4.40 1.0


Supports most 4.40 CFW like Rogero and Miralatijera


Made from PSIDPatch 1.6 source by stoker25


Original info from PSIDPatch 1.6

PSID is your playstation’s unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your choice. This won’t permanently patch your PSID, but *MIGHT* let you fool PSN.
Best way to test this is for somebody with a banned PS3 to try changing it and going online.

+ Shows you current PSID
+ Shows you current Console ID
+ Patch PSID from dev_usb/psid.txt
+ Patch PSID to random number
+ Patch Console ID from dev_usb/consoleid.txt
+ Patch ConsoleID (line 2) to random number
+ Choose USB to load from

This uses the peek and poke syscalls in order to patch your PSID.

Install package
Run PSIDPatch
Press Cross to patch PSID with a random number, or Square to patch ConsoleID.
Or.. if you want to use your own:
Create a text file called psid.txt/consoleid.txt on root of your USB
Put 32 hex characters inside (e.g. 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321) or 64 for ConsoleID
Open PSIDPatch, choose your USB using Up/Down arrows and press R1/L1 to patch.

Mathieulh/RichDevX – bragging about PSID stuff on twitter, if it was a private convo I never would of started this
user – Fixing CFWLoad code so no SCE confidential stuff is included, thanks man
djekl – Random PSID idea, can’t believe I didn’t think of that…

- stoker25

Change log (1.0):
Patched for 4.40
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