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PS3Wizard 1.0

Today PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has released PS3Wizard v1.0, a PS3 homebrew application for PC allowing users to utilize PS3 templates within Visual Studio.

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Change log (1.0):
To quote: To install run the program it will look for the Ps3 Wizard required files... should find them considering there in the download.

Then will look for visual stuido 9.0 folder to transfer the files to install the template. Thanks.


Works with Windows Vista, Seven and XP.
Has Fail0veflow makefile with psvibe main.
Not sure but only tested with 2008 Visual Studio.
Easy to make homebrew starts and possible finishes.

Make sure stuff:

Once the program has been written you should compile it to a pkg in PsL1ght as the makefile set for that.
Don't take of the Files Folder it can't run with out it you get a error like in the picture below.

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