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Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Beta 1 1.0

Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer facanferff has released another new plug-in called Navi-X for the popular Showtime PS3 Media Player with details below.

Navi-X Features:

PLX feeds (the feeds of Navi-X)
OPML feeds
ATOM feeds
RSS feeds
Search (it popups when you select an item that says explicitly "Search ...";)
Display information about the date of an item (e.g.: if it was uploaded today shows "New Today";)
Debugging on Processor section (for developers)
Enable/Disable Background support
Logo from GPatel

Change log (1.0):
Some processors that are confirmed to work completely (other processors may work too as well some of the below processors may have some exceptions):

Crackle TV
Google Video
PBS Kids

Notes: Put the ZIP file UNextracted at folder USRDIR/settings/installedplugins of Showtime folder)

Note 1: I'll not give any support for any aspect that is revealed in note 2 and 3. Note 4, of course, is welcome and I appreciate that you do it.
Note 2: If you don't like projects that are in development (with many possible bugs) please don't use this.
Note 3: If the plugin crashes in any time is not due to it but yes due either to Showtime itself (a problem of rendering) or a lack of memory (remember ps3 has low memory).
Note 4: When reporting errors, please report the ones where you get an error inside the plugin (not in a video) or anything works strangely in list view of items.
Note 5: Please respect the TOS of the websites you use inside Navi-X.

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