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multiMAN_ver_02.04.00_Update_ music playback

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multiMAN 04.40.00
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Today PlayStation 3 developer deank has updated multiMAN PS3 Backup Manager to version 02.04.00 (20110826-181000) which now offers music playback options

PS3 E3 flasher

Change log (music playback):
multiMAN v02.04.00 Update (20110826-181000) Changelog:

Added: SIDE menu in XMMB mode to access various functions (access the menu with [TRIANGLE])
Added: SIDE menu option for XMMB Settings column to switch between ADVANCED and STANDARD settings
Added: Option in XMMB Settings column: [Write access to /dev_flash via /dev_blind]
Added: Permissions check upon loading a title
Added: VP6 file extension to recognizable video formats
Changed: UPDATE function in GAME SETTINGS menu will not download updates for higher than your current PS3 firmware version
Changed: All options in the XMMB Settings column are now selectable via the SIDE menu (much like in the regular XMB mode)
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