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MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager 02.09.00

Today PlayStation 3 developer deank has updated the multiMAN PS3 backup game manager to version 02.06.04,


Change log (02.09.00):
MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager v02.09.00 Changelog:

Improved performance in XMMB display mode
Backup from PS3 game discs now works as it should
You can still launch PSX games from XMMB Game Column
You can still launch PS3 game backups from DVD-R/RW / BD-R/RE
You cannot create ISO backups or access non-genuine PS3 game discs (unless Direct Disc Access is enabled)
You will see an animated icon in XMMB Game column, which you can use to launch your PSX backups.
To keep the same functionality as before you can turn on "Direct Disc Access" from XMMB Settings column.
Press [TRIANGLE] -> Enable Direct Disc Access
When in Direct Disc Access mode you can rip BD movie discs, launch games, but you can't create backups of PS3 Game Discs.
Do not use "Direct Disc Access Mode" unless you really need it.

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