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Catherine PS3 for CFW Tools 1.0

Get Catherine PS3 working on CFW using an English / Japanese EBOOT modification

PS3 Controller

Change log (1.0):
1. Ensure that you have either the Japanese or North American of Catherine available.
2. Download the required tools to make the modifications to your game from:
3. Download the other required modifications to 'partially' put your game into English:
4. Extract both archives.
5. From the tools archive, open the quickbms folder and open up 'quickbms.exe'.
6. A file selection dialog will appear, asking you to select the BMS script or plugin to use, go to the extracted quickbms folder and select ''.
7. Another file selection dialog will appear, asking for the input archive. Now browse to your copy of the Japanese or North American version of Catherine (BLJM60215 or BLUS30428) and from the PS3_GAME\USDIR\ folder within it, select 'data.cpk'.
8. The last file selection dialog will appear, and you can choose the output folder of your choice, I suggest you create a new one called 'data'.
9. After several minutes, the files will be extracted to the folder you specified. Now copy the folders from the mod.rar archive that you extracted earlier, and paste and merge them in the output folder from quickbms that you selected. Allow them to overwrite the folders.
10. From the tools archive, open the 'CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96' folder, and go into the 'crifilesystem' directory. Open the application named 'CriPackedFileMaker.exe'.
11. Next to the 'Base Directory' bar at the the top of the application, click the folder icon with an arrow. From the folder selection dialog, choose the output folder from quickbms for the contents of your now-modified data.cpk.
12. Allow a few moments for the application to load all the files, and press the 'Build CPK file...' button in the bottom of the application.
13. In the settings box, change the 'Data Align' slider to 2048, and change the 'File Mode' dropdown to 'Filename'. Also uncheck 'Try Compression' if it happens to be checked.
14. Hit the 'Start to Build' button and be prepared to wait 7-15 minutes for data.cpk to be rebuilt.
15. Once it finishes, backup your old data.cpk in the PS3_GAME\USDIR\ folder of your game (for preparation of future patches), and place your new, modified data.cpk in its place.
16. Transfer the files over to your PS3, and load the game in your backup manager of choice - please ensure that all previous game data the update for the japanese game are deleted prior to starting the game with your new data.cpk.
17. The last, most important step is to please report any bugs you may find, translation issues, or other things you have a problem with at the project issues page at

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