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Catherine PS3 EBOOT Mod for CFW 1.0

Catherine PS3 English / Japanese EBOOT Mod for CFW Released

PS3 Battery

Change log (1.0):
What is in English

All audio (If using the US version as your base)
Cut scene subtitles and in game text

What is not in English

Cell phone - English files just ended up screwing up the phone so I replaced the cell phone folder with the Japanese one.
Confessional booth questions & answers - this is what caused the 2nd stage freezing so the Japanese files had to be put in.
Rapunzel minigame subtitles (Text on arcade machine still reads in English) - this is due to using the rapunzel.pac from the Japanese release to fix the freezing issue.

Other Issues

O & X are reversed with O= Confirm/Grab/Push & X = Cancel
Some loading screen quotes go off screen.
Babel mode will freeze after introduction video (This isn't related to any part of the main story mode)

Download (Doesn't include the sms & rope question fix) Fixed data.cpk with jpn eboot & param:

Installation Directions

1. Extract contents of both rars to their appropriate sub folders in your Catherine back up folder overwriting the old files (make backups of these files before overwriting just in case a better fix comes out)

2. Done and Enjoy.

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