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BDEMU is a payload base at 90% on the original PSGroove payload and modified by 2 anonymous authors.
It is based on Syscall36 only and is currently used only by multiMAN homebrew, and is more stable than Lv2 patcher.

Included files:
* BDEMU-355KM.pkg : Installation packgage for Kmeaw cfw3.55
* BDEMU-355WT.pkg : Signed Installation package for Wutangrza cfw3.55
* BDEMU.BIN : original binary.

Copy the correct pkg file at the root of your FAT32 USB device and install the package from the "Install Package Files" menu. it will extract and copy the BDEMU.BIN in multiMAN folder : /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/

Alternatively, you can copy the included BDEMU.BIN manually in multiMAN folder.

Change log (2):
Added Hermes Syscall8 to BDEMU v1.

Enables BD-ROM emulator.

Supported firmwares and types:

* MFW 3.41: Hermes4 (syscall8)
* CFW 3.55: Standard (syscall36)
* CFW 3.55: Hermes4 (syscall8)
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