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Your account is currently PREMIUM ((unlimited))! Thank you for using our services.
Your premium subscription will be automaticaly renewed on (unlimited).
If you wish to cancel your subscription, please open your Paypal account and update the subscription preferences.

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Your account is currently Standard. Thank you for using our services!
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For more information regarding the possibilities offered by our Premium accounts, please read the description below.

Premium Account

If you are interested in extending the possibilities of your Filetrip account, feel free to take a look at the table below. We offer a lot of exciting features for premium users, try them out now by upgrading your account today!

  Anonymous/Guest Standard Account Premium Account
Total available upload space
- 1 GB (*) 200 GB
Upload your files via FTP
No No Yes
Upload files from a web address
No No Yes
Upload multiple files simultaneously
No Yes Yes
Create photo galleries and share folders
No Yes Yes
How long are your files conserved?
30 days Unlimited (*) Unlimited
Are my files be protected against DMCA?
None None Notice
How many files am I allowed to upload?
- 5000 (*) Unlimited
What will it cost me?
- Free $5/month
Extend your upload space
- - +$5/month per 100 GB

(*): may be subject to change without prior notice


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use the FTP functionality? How do I access the FTP server?
A: Simply connect to using your Filetrip username and password. This will not work with users who log in via Facebook because they have no account password. For a slightly more detailed guide, click here.

Q: What is the "Remote Upload" functionality?
A: The Remote Upload functionality allows you to order our servers to download a file from any other server on the Internet, and save it into your account. All you need is an HTTP or HTTPS URL. Our servers have excellent download speeds so transfers should be really fast.

Q: How to use the "Remote Upload" functionality?
A: Simply head to the homepage and look above the Upload button; you should see the "Remote Upload" link. Upon clicking this link, a dialog box will open and offer you to paste an URL. It's that simple!

Q: When I log in to the FTP, I can only see some of my files. Why is that?
A: Your files are splitted across our multiple servers, so you may not see all of them when you log in to the FTP server. Please note that FTP access is meant for uploads and should not be used for downloads.

Q: Why is the FTP download speed so low?
A: FTP access is not meant for downloads; you should only use it for uploads. For downloading files simply visit in your web browser.

Q: How do I cancel my premium subscription?
A: Open your Paypal account, and cancel the subscription. Your subscription will remain active until it expires, after which it will no longer be automatically renewed.

Q: What does the "file protection" in the above table mean?
A: Usually upon receiving too many DMCA take down notices for an account serving illegal files, we will immediately terminate the account and ban the user. However, if you have a premium account, we will notify you and only delete the concerned file, leaving the rest of the account as is.

Q: I want to increase my storage space, but I already have a premium subscription. How do I proceed?
A: The best and fastest way is to cancel your active subscription and get a new one with more space.

Q: I would like to get a refund. How do I proceed?
A: Due to the nature of this service, subscriptions are refundable on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you subscribe on July 1st and wish to cancel on July 15th, you'll have used our services for half a month, so you will be getting a 50% refund. Please contact our support staff for help.