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Mighty Mo BSNES CHT Database 2013-02-27

Project started on 2009-07-13. Just copy all of my .cht files to your \BSNES\Cheat directory. You will have to rename them to match the ROM. For example if you have "Super Mario World (USA).sfc" ROM loaded then the cheat file must be named "Super Mario World (USA).cht". All of my filenames match the No-Intro file set.

As of BSNES 051 the .cht format changed. My pack has been updated to match the new format (2009-09-28). As of 075, the format changed again, using a XML format. I've added a separate pack for versions 075 to 082. As of 083 is changed again, my cheat pack will be included with the official version of BSNES/Higan.

View these .cht files with wordpad or notepad++. Codes with a dash (-) are Game Genie (GG). Codes without a dash are Pro Action Replay (PAR).

If you find any mistakes or have codes you think I should add please email me at

BSNES emulator is availabe at my site,, or it's official site

Most up-to-date version is 2013-02-27, 685 .cht files.


Change log (2013-02-27):
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