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SymbOS CPC Version 2.0 CPC

SymbOS is a free multitasking operating system for Z80-based 8-bit computer systems. At present it is available for the Amstrad CPC series of computers, as well as for all MSX models starting from the MSX2 standard and for most Amstrad PCW models. Contrary to early 8-bit operating systems it is based on a microkernel, which provides pre-emptive and priority oriented multitasking and manages RAM with a size of up to 1024 kB. SymbOS contains a Microsoft Windows like Graphical user interface, supports hard disks with a capacity of up to 128 GB and can already be booted on an unexpanded Amstrad CPC-6128, a 128K-MSX2 and an Amstrad PCW.
This package includes the bootloader and the raw loader version of SymbOS CPC as well as the ROM version and the 1MB version.

Change log (2.0 CPC):
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