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ArchBang 2012.12.03 64-Bit

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ArchBang Linux is a simple lightweight rolling release Linux distribution based on a minimal Arch Linux system with the Openbox window manager. ArchBang is especially suitable for high performance on old or low-end hardware with limited resources. ArchBang's aim is to provide a simple out-of-the-box Arch-based Linux distribution with a pre-configured Openbox desktop suite, adhering to Arch principles.
ArchBang has also been recommended as a fast installation method for Archlinux for people who have experience installing Arch but want to avoid the more demanding default installation of Arch Linux when reinstalling it on another PC.

Change log (2012.12.03 64-Bit):
A few changes for this release:

- Linux kernel 3.6.8

- GnomishDark Theme with Shakey-Stapler-Dark Widget

- updated openbox-menu

- dbus-launch removed
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