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ZeldaClassic Linked to the Past 1.2 4/7/13

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"Linked to the Past" is a BIG quest that will keep you busy for a long time if you're enjoying it. In case you are wondering, it is a completely original quest, I've chosen that name because the storyline involves Link travelling to the past, and also obviously as a nod to the great SNES LttP game, but it is not a remake or anything, it is a completely new quest.


- 30 different dungeons!
- Solid 30 hours of gameplay
- Every single dungeon is guarded by a custom boss, and there are also a few sub-bosses thrown in for good measure, so I hope you enjoy fighting bosses as much as I do
- Many optional secrets to find
- The quest takes influences from several Zelda games but the biggest influence is still Zelda 1, so if you're a Zelda 1 hater, this is probably not for you

Change log (1.2 4/7/13):
bug fixes and adjustments
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