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SkyRoads 1.0

Bluemoon's creation of SkyRoads is a polished-up remake of the game Kosmonaut. The three months spent working on it paid off when the shareware title was released in 1993, selling internationally and getting LCR distribution deals from the U.S. to Taiwan.
The game's interface was an instant hit with downloaders. The spacebar and up/down/left/right keys are used to create an easy "jump and move" motion. Up makes the ship go faster, down makes the ship go slower. Meters at the bottom indicate your ship's speed, Oxygen Levels, and Fuel Levels. The meter to the left indicates how far you are into the level, next to a grav-o-meter that describes the planet's gravity (100 is the lowest, giving a weightless feeling, and 1700 is the highest, allowing no jumping.) Obstacles exist in your path, which, if run into at any speed above very low, will cause your ship to explode. Also, if your ship does not land on a road, it will drift off into space forever. If your ship runs out of fuel or oxygen, your game is over.

Change log (1.0):
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