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Salom Adventure DEMO 1.0

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Salom Adventure DEMO 2.0.3
Salom Adventure Is A Sonic Fan Game Maded By Nefault1st

Change log (1.0):
Update 2.0.1 [7/26/13]
- All levels have been modified to be easily beatable

- Slightly earlier warnings (only slightly due to placements)

- Warning icons placed in the center of the screen

- Improved water surfing effect in the Surfing Challenge

- Speed sneakers gives the player the ability to run into enemies without damage

- Snowball Badnik does not change appearance when attacked

Update 2.0.2 [7/28/13]
-Few changes in NeoFalls Zone and Radical Highway RemixZone

-Testzones are now accessible through HUB world

Update 2.0.3 [7/30/13] >>Final Update
-Spawning under the floor in HUB Town is resolved

-Kill spawn glitch in HUB Buildings is resolved

-Special ramps are now re-accessible (regaining points and energy orbs are disabled)

-Koala Villagers do not disappear on screen

-Enemies don't duplicate when attacked by Chaos Spear

-Music and Sfx are now irreplaceable (removed or replaced files will result in program termination)

-Encryption on music, saved game data, and .exe file itself

*Before reporting any errors you've found, please make sure your copy is up-to-date.
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