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ro9 1.0

The objective of this game is to ascend as many of your 9 rogues as possible.

* Arrow keys move forward/left/right. Space to stand still.

* There are 9 dungeon levels. The color key at the bottom-right reminds you how deep each rogue is.

* There are 3 monster types per level. The humanoids are easy. The animals/creatures are hard. The bosses are hardest.

* Only one boss exists per level per rogue. Bosses drop an ankh when killed. The ankh will resurrect any other rogue that died on the same dungeon level.

* Aim for roughly 1 XP level per dungeon level. Gaining an XP level restores all your health.

* Don't try to run away from tigers.

edit: forget to mention the secret which will no longer be a secret once I mention it: press '9' on the main menu for sillyness.

Change log (1.0):
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