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Pyromax Dax 1.0

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About the game:
A game that I made as a supplement to my Platforming tutorial.
Also became an entry for FBGD 2k13

Imagine Megaman style attack system with Mario style physics.

Default Controls:
-Can be remapped via "Controls" screen
Jump -> SPACE
Attack -> Z
Pause/Change Incendiaries -> ENTER
Change Incendiaries -> LEFT/RIGHT (When paused)
Menu Controls -> LEFT/RIGHT and ENTER
Switch to FullScreen -> ALT + ENTER
Note: You can only attack when not moving except with the
Shot attack which you can use even when jumping.

Change log (1.0):
Valentines Day and I'm done!

Changes to BigEye boss AI
Changes to Robbit boss AI
Added a few tile types for easthetics
Some Level changes
Finalized all levels
Incendiaries reset to shot when player dies
Cheat and debug disabled
Stages rollover after the ending

Dialog tips can be enabled or disabled via the options screen
Small AI changes to Joke-iz boss
Finalized summer levels
Changes to Joker boss AI
Changes to Gyrobot boss AI

More tile types for aesthetics
Edited levels for aesthetics
Reset wind direction at stage start
Some Player and Engine class additions
One-Up every successful level
Increased Lives stock to 5

Story Screen
Splash Screen
Small Changes to level 02

Level 12.
Winds now get reset when you die.
Small AI changes to Wheelie enemy.
Small AI changes to Boss Gyrobot.

Fixed the high-score display bug by using zstrings instead of strings.
HighScore table can now be saved.
Allowed all the hazards in spring (bounce tiles, wind, ice and toxic water)
Level 11
Small AI change to Robat enemy

Made the intermission presentation better
Hi-score system
Toxic water
Level 10
Small changes to Drumbot and Eyesore AIs
HiScore/Records screen
Player can now input their names when they get a new hi-score

Added Score system
Intermission/Report State
Ending State
Change BGM for title (Lachie sez it suxxors)
Added BGM for ending
Added BGM for spring season

Level 08
Some AI changes to Jumpbot enemy
Player can shoot moar shots now
Player orientation stays the same when hit.

Fixed the -1 Lives glitch
Made the sound fade instead of pause while in dialogs, pause and yes or no mode
Changed a few AI stuff with boss Robbit
Few AI changes to Helihead enemy
Level 07

Level 06
Few changes to boss Gyrobot
Added per season BGMs
Allowed the player to continue but you start from the season starting level

Level 04
Few changes to Plasmo and Waller enemies
Level 05

Decided to make the game more mario than megaman
Added "Fall" season hazard (wind)

Level 03
Few AI changes to megaton press
Few AI changes to BossBigEye

Added ability for moving platforms to get amx distance traveled.
Started designing Level 02
Added Ceiling spikes

Added hit animations for all the popcorn enemies.
Added hit animations for all the bosses
Added Checkpoints
Dialog scripts are now sorted on load so dialogs area easier to add.
Intro/tutorial level done!
Warp scripts are now sorted on load so dialogs area easier to add.

Added Falling blocks
Updated explosion code
Started working on Level 01

New Boss(Gyrobot) - Flies around, tries to mash player (weakness = bomb, can be stunned by mines)
Added ability to do eathquakes
Fixed the shot controls
Enlarged the Dialog Text
Cleaned up sound module so that changing BGMs on the fly is easier
Added a way to call up dialog boxes in Boss stages(conversations between snipe and bosses perhaps?)

New Boss(Joker) - Bounces, sticks to walls, etc (weakness = dynamite)
Fixed some engine class intricacies
New Boss(Robbit) - Skater, jumper and attacker(weakness = bomb, stunned by shot in the eye)

Did some BGM and SFX stuff

One month to go...
Implemented the First Boss ( BigEye - Jumps around reckelessly for now )(weakness = mine + shot)
Bigeye can only be hurt when hit in the eye.
Bigeye can be stunned for 5 seconds when hit anywhere with mine, bomb and dynamite
Bigeye cannot spew bullets when stunned
Added another test level

Added a new enemy - Megaton (a chained megaton press attached to chainlinks)
Added a new enemy - Drumbot (a 5-stacked enemy, player can bounce on top of drumbot)
Changed some enemies so that they can spew bullets
Added Bomb powerup
Added Dynamite powerup
Added Mine powerup
Status change display
Incendiaries are now limited by the poweerups collected
Added warpzone
Implemented level warping via warpzones
Added EnergyUp powerup

Too busy cooking stuff since today is my Birthday.

Added a new enemy - Robox (a boxed eye enemy with linear movement and idletime)
Added Bullets - Some enemies can spew bullets
Added a new enemy - Screwgatling (an enemy attached to floor or ceiling. Spews bullets)
Bullets has 4 different behaviors and lots of IDs
Added a new enemy - Watcher (Double eyed. Spews missiles)

After 3 coding days of almost pure GFX stuff, I'm back in coding mode! YAY!
Added a new enemy - Jumpbot (jumping enemy)
Added a new enemy - Helihead (L/R when passive and follows player when aggressive)
Added a new enemy - Springer (gets aggressive player nearby and "springs" when touched)
Added a new enemy - Eyesore (Pretty stupid enemy with randomized direction, spews lotsa bullets)
Added a new enemy - Bouncer (Fireball that bounces on the floor)
Added a new enemy - Nail (Moving screw spikes on floor and ceiling)
Added a new enemy - Robat (Behaves like those bats in megaman/megamanx, spews bullets)

Same as yesterday. ;*(
Wrestled with Graphics Gale and Paint.Net in order to make some nice text GFX
Made some additions to the presentation
Implemented basic Seasons

Same as yesterday. ;*(
Added images and optimized GFX atlas

Game over state
Player energy and player lives are now useable fields
Added a nice FX for the player energy when hit
Added 2 new BGMs

Got my hands on my old 14 button gamepad so implemented proper joystick controls
Used a keyheld event for attack instead of a keydown event. (tentative change)
Proper death and respawn engine state events implemented

Animated all the GUIs with some nice transition FX
Controls screen done
Game Controls can now be remapped via controls screen
Player Controls can now be remapped via controls screen
Added some new sound FX

Credits screen done
Added a way to resize screens in windowed mode
Options screen done
Added a little spring physics to the options menu

Dialog scripts are now loaded from file
Implemented "start" state for engine class
Implemented "yes or no" state for engine class
Diamond fade FX
Title screen behavior change (remembers last choice)

Spiked tiles
Grog gets aggressive when player is near him
Funky dialog boxes and scripted dialogs

Player incendiaries collision to enemies/objects
Added a new enemy Grog(player can ride Grog)
Added a new enemy Wheelie(player can bounce on Wheelie)
Attached SFX's to some more actions

Updated player physics for a more mario like "feel" to it

Happy New Year!!!
Changed platform collisions to multi-sampling system
Waller enemy ( stick on walls enemy )

Happy New Year's eve!!!
Horizontal moving platoforms
Shot, Bomb, Dynamite and Mine to platform collisions
Player to Platform collisions

Vertical Moving Platforms
AABB collisions

12-28-12(not much work. Darn typhoon!)
Water Tiles
Water Physics
Fixed Bounce floor collisions

Merry Christmas!!!!
Bounce on floor and walls
Moar physics stuff
2 Types of ice tiles
Energy meter for incendiaries
Small delay for incendiary actions

Ice Tiles physics
Added moar GFX
Controlled Sounds

Mayan Calendar what?!!!!
Implemented the Engine Class as a state machine
Streamlined the controls by having a single button for attack

Destructable tiles

Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick wrappers

Started on the engine
Decided I want oldskool tilebased collisions so I ditched the slopes
Implemented physics
Filebased maps
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