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Iji 1.6

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Iji is a freeware videogame featuring platform and shooting elements, developed by Daniel Remar using Game Maker (version 5.3a) over a period of four years. It was first released on September 1, 2008, and five subsequent versions have fixed bugs and added features, with the latest version (1.6) released on March 6, 2010.
Set in a military complex in modern day Earth, the game follows Iji Kataiser, a young woman caught up in the invasion of the planet by the Tasen, an alien species. Awakening after an aerial bombardment, Iji finds herself enhanced with nanotechnology and, learning of the Tasen and their invasion, resolves to convince the aliens' leader to retreat from the planet, guided by her brother Dan via the complex's loudspeaker system.
The game was generally well-received upon release, with reviews praising the replay value, the player's ability to guide Iji on different moral paths and that it was created by a single developer. It gained much popularity once released.

Change log (1.6):
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