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Heroine Iysayana Trilogy 1.5

In some multiverse there is a disk-like world called Byteria. It is home to many different people and bizarre creatures. Our story takes place in Súramir, a large continent where many different creatures use to live and give each other good thrashings. According to elven chronology, it's the year 9992 Lyr. Somewhere near the northeastern shore lies a town called Ashford, capital of a small kingdom of the same name.

Our title character is Iysayana, the only elf in Ashford. For her, life is nothing but a great party. She really doesn't think about anything else than bashes, boys and booze - until now, when the goddess Yw'nafob forces Iysayana to become a heroine. Now Iysayana has to bear the company of annoying people who actually think they could better the world. Their task is to save Ashford from the ominous Lord Shadmyr and find the lost King Magnus. During their adventures they discover a plot to fundamentally change the face of the world, using some really extreme methods ...

Change log (1.5):
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