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Halloween 3D (Wolf 3D Shareware Mod) 1.0

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For use with shareware version 1.4 of Wolfenstein 3-D

This patch replaces these 3 files from the original game:

You may want to back up the 3 original files before using this patch.
After replacing the files, start the game the way you normally do.

This patch contains altered graphics, sounds & floor layouts.

Well, it's 1997 and I'm still playing Wolfenstein. I have Doom and Quake on
my 133 mhz Pentium, but I still come back. I like to get a taste of that
original flavor that was so good in 1992. I know that I'm not alone.

Ha! People are playing old arcade games like Pac-Man, using emulator
programs on their Pentium Pro's.

It's not too early for nostalgia, is it?

Happy Halloween!

Please note that this patch is NOT sanctioned by Apogee or ID software,
so if you have problems with it . . TOO BAD!

The original Wolf 3D had a hidden message to call Apogee. This message was for a contest that never got off the ground due to how quickly the modding community unpacked the Wolf 3D levels. As a throwback to this failed contest, this mod contains an Easter-egg instructing the user to call Apogee and wish them Happy Halloween. It is located in a secret door on the 1st map.

Change log (1.0):
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