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zD Mac Generator 0.3

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This is a valid Mac Address generator can be used to generate a number of randomized MAC Address to be used with your NIC Card / Hardware for those who want a different IP or for network related testing. Some refer to this as "MAC Spoofing". It is not illegal to-do since you own the unique hardware you have a right to change it's MAC Address for security or privacy purposes.

Current sourcecode for 0.3 (Visual C# 2010):

(mega mirror of source code):!ycMQhSpa!OhuY12ziLLCS2drXHV14UjksxzoViGsq44hT6x3lIxA

Change log (0.3):
[UPDATE] 02/13/2013 - VERSION 0.3

+ Added several features such as the ability to add dash inbetween hex sets.

+ Added an option to clear when generated or not...

+ Added ability to disable hardcoded first set of hex 00-00. (the 00-00 hardcode was for networking with ISPs)

You can still however use the randomly generated HEX macs sometimes there is problems with certain ISPs.

I recommend keeping 00 hardcode on...
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