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RockMelt Installer

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Rockmelt was a proprietary social media web browser
developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria based on the
Google Chromium project, incorporating social media
features such as Facebook chat, Twitter notifications
and widgetised areas for other content providers such
as YouTube and local newspapers. The Rockmelt web
browser project was backed by Netscape founder
Marc Andreessen. As of April 2013, Rockmelt discontinued
its desktop web browser, replacing it with a collaborative
project bringing together social elements from various sources.

And now I am trying to get it back for all of you fans of RockMelt,
who don't know where to download it, or want it as a Portable.


Small file of about 600 kb is downloaded, which can be carried
everywhere not taking space, and then download and installs
the latest portable version of RockMelt, version

Thank you, and happy browsing with RockMelt.

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