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D.O.G. 1.53

D.O.G. is developed for DOSBox 0.58 and up only for Windows

It has the folowing features :

DOSBox 0.58 up to 0.73 compatible
Autorun for DOS game cdroms
Managers for your captures
Minimizes to the tray
Adaptable category listing. The user can make its own desisions about what profiles should be visible in what category. Default categories are All Games and Favorites.
Adaptable extra information.
Many ways of storing sites, files or other.
Movable and sortable information columns.
Opens the profile list very fast, 10000 profiles is about a 2 seconds wait on startupon a 2GHz system
Plugins supported Dos32a, DPMI, KeyB, 4DOS
Fully translatable
Flash Drive Capable

Change log (1.53):
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