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PokeRemote IR SONY (Pokemon Mini) 1.0

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This ROM will emulate an Sony remote control (12 bit SIRC protocol) by using
the Pokemon Mini Infrared capabilities.

- Works best in a range of up to 2 meters, but up to 5 meters are possible if
you adjust the angle a lot and keep trying :)

The code is quite a hack because it is damn hard to get multiple interrupts
working properly. Timer IRQs can be disturbed only by activating the drawing
circuit of the Pokemon Mini (no vblank IRQ used)! This is why i deactivate the
drawing of the screen as soon as an infrared transfer is started.

If you want to control your TV with your Pokemon Mini just e-mail me and tell me
what kind of TV you have and I'll see if I can make a PM-remote for your TV :)

Written by Lupin (

Change log (1.0):
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