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FiiO X3 MIII firmware 1.2.1

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FiiO X3 MIII firmware 1.2.4
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FiiO X3 Mark III firmware

Change log (1.2.1):
FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.2.1 for X3MKIII
Publish time:2018-01-31

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.2.1 compared to the FW1.1.4.

1. Fixed issue where the player might crash with black screen sometimes when entering the Category menu or pressing the Return button;

2. Fixed issue where there would be white noise or abnormal sound output when adjusting the Custom Equalizer;

3. Fixed issue where the left and right channel might get reversed for the coaxial output after certain operations;

4. Fixed issue where Artist and Album info of the .iso tracks could not be correctly recognized;

5. Fixed issue where the sleep timer would still take effect when the player was connected to the computer in Storage mode;

6. Fixed issue where the UI display might be incorrect in some cases;

7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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