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FiiO X1 II firmware 1.6.0

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FiiO X1 II firmware 1.7.2
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This is the FiiO X1 II firmware. File has instructions on how to update the firmware in txt and pdf formats.

Do not use this on the first gen device, you will brick your DAP.
Do not rename the firmware filename.

Change log (1.6.0):
FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.6.0 for X1 2nd gen
Publish time:2017-04-22

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.6.0 compared to the FW1.5.6:

1. Added gapless playback function (can be enabled in Play settings->Playback gap);

2. Fixed issue where some tracks were not sorted by track no. under the album category;

3. Fixed issue where the fast search function would not work after setting the "File name display" to "Title";

4. Fixed issue where there would be no sound output, sound out of tune or system crash when playing some tracks;

5. Fixed issue where some track titles or lyrics were displayed incorrectly or could not be displayed;

6. Fixed issue where some tracks could not be deleted;

7. Set the Scroll wheel press function to be OFF by default;

8. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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