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3DS Video 1.32

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3DS Video 1.33
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Video converter for 3DS. See discussion thread and readme for more details.

Change log (1.32):
*Added keep aspect ratio option by amzg
*Improved progress bars by BelowZero
*Added media infos by BelowZero
*Added test file option by BelowZero
*Added several audio options by BelowZero
*Enabled upscaling of video framerate by BelowZero
*Added choice of the duration of the test file option by BelowZero
*Simple Mode now takes over the original framerate to a max of 30 fps by BelowZero
*Conversion of very short Testfiles works correctly now by BelowZero
*Fixed problem with Progressbars when the program was canceled before
*Fixed MsgBox prompt in Simple Mode
*Fixed: Simple Mode now rounds down the original framerate to the nearest integer and uses a maximum of 30 fps by BelowZero
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