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Fighting Street (Remixed) 1.5

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Fighting Street is a fangame based on Ericard's Street Fighter Ultimate Collection using OpenBOR. Actually for now, this game is more like an extension of Street Fighter One (Mugen). The game is still in development and future version will be completely independent from Ericard's Street Fighter Ultimate Collection with exclusive plot, enemies and combat system. Now finally 100% Dreamcast compatible!


Greetings, I have updated the mod. from Fighting Street (almost 5 years ago) and the renowned Fighting Street: Remixed, this game based on the Ericard game but exclusive for Sega's DreamCast. The improvements of this version with the previous one is gigantic, it seems like a new game and the changes are as follows:


Mod: Ripfire
Category: Video Games
Genre: Fighting (Vs)
License: FreeWare
Language: English | Spanish
Player: 1 and/or 2 co-players
Release Date: 2013.05.18 (v1.00) | 2013.05.21 (v1.01) | 2018.09.21 (v1.50) | 2018.10.21 (v1.51)
Status: Complete
Version: 1.50 [FINAL VERSION]
Engine: OpenBOR v3.0 Build 3849 (v1.00) | OpenBOR v3.0 Build 3699 (v1.01) | OpenBOR v3.0 Build 4111 (v1.50)
Region: Mult (NTSC & PAL)
Format: CSO for SD Card DreamShell

Change log (1.5):

v1.00 [2013-05-18]

This Game

v1.01 [2013-05-21]

Fixed Characters Select
Fixed all Stage
Fixed "How to Play Menu"
New Logo (^_^)*

v1.11 [2018-09-15]

Dreamcast Mode Update
Added Hit Counter
Added lights effects when the fight ends with a special move
Added custom icons for fighter

v1.23 [2018-09-18]

Changed the sprite color ballots ie from 256 color (16 bits) to 128 color (8 bits) that use double encoder that greatly improves your crispness of the sprites and more fluid for Sega DreamCast.
Add Tag Battle Mode (1 and/or 2 co-players vs. two fighters)
Added special movement bar
Added new psychodelic bar

v1.50 [2018-09-21]

Add Endurance Battle Mode (one player vs. two fighters)
Add Spanish Language
New cinemas and endings for each mode
Other minor details that I do not remember at this time...
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