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zerox86 0.02 alpha

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zerox86 0.03
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zerox86 is a PC emulator for the Game Consoles Worldwide (GCW) Zero handheld game console. Its purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your GCW0. It is based on the DSx86 PC emulator for Nintendo DS game console. I began porting DSx86 to GCW0 in May 2013. See my blog for information about the current status of zerox86.

Change log (0.02 alpha):
- Added SoundBlaster ADPCM support (Duke Nukem 2).
- Fixed SB IRQ handling for very short buffers (Alone in the Dark).
- Fixed reading data directly from disk to EGA VRAM (Heimdall).
- Implemented EGA 640x400 special graphics mode (Mahjong Fantasia).
- Fixed EGA Register Interface Library handling (A-Train).
- Fixed various bugs in FPU emulation (Alien Legacy).
- Added support for launching games given on the zerox86 command line.
- Implemented mouse support using the analog control.
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