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reGBA 1.45

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ReGBA is a GBA emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase.

How is this different from gpSP 0.9?

It's different in that I made a lot of optimisations to the code translator, some of which Exophase had independently done but never released.

gpSP Kai 3.2 by Takka also fixed some games, notably the Final Fantasy games and some other Japanese games like Dragon Ball, and attempts to fix the timing of the CPU emulation (but fails).

A full list of optimisations performed in the DSTwo version, TempGBA, can be found on the first post of my thread at GBATemp.

ReGBA builds on these optimisations and attempts to factor out the core into a cross-platform source directory and per-platform port files.


-gpSP 0.9, Exophase and others
---gpSP Kai 3.2, Takka
-----NDSGBA 1.21 for DSTwo, Supercard Team
-------TempGBA 1.44 for DSTwo, Nebuleon, Normmatt, BassAceGold
---------ReGBA alpha 1 for GCW Zero, Nebuleon, pcercuei, JohnnyonFlame

Change log (1.45):
- Per-game settings. You can press Select in the menu and you can edit settings that are applied to only the currently-loaded game. For example, you may want to start only some games from the BIOS for compatibility (e.g. Sonic Advances) but start the rest from the cartridge, or full-screen most games and leave a few at the original pixels due to being text-heavy.

- Settings files are saved only when changing the settings inside a submenu. This causes fewer erase cycles to be used up on the internal flash storage of the GCW Zero and the Dingoo A320.

- A manual. You can see this manual on your GCW Zero by pressing Select on ReGBA in gmenu2x and activating the "Show manual of ReGBA" option. This manual is also on the GCW Zero Community Wiki: see ReGBA.

- A bug that caused a crash when entering the Display Settings menu on the Dingoo A320 has been fixed.

- When opposing directions of the GBA d-pad would both be pressed -- that is, both Left and Right, or both Up and Down, whether by the GCW Zero's d-pad or its analog nub --, Left and Up are ignored, respectively.

- Add a version information screen in the Main Menu's Performance and Debugging submenu.
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