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GCW Zero Firmware Update 9/13/13

Our download center contains a more recent version of the file you're trying to download:
GCW Zero Firmware Update 5/5/14
How it works

First make sure you have a backup of all valuable user data you have on your GCW Zero, such as save games.

Download the most recent updater application above. Transfer the application (OPK file) to the apps/ directory on your GCW Zero. Then start the application from the menu:

You can select an option with the d-pad and confirm your choice with the start button.

While the update is in progress, you'll see progress information being printed showing what the updater is doing. The update process takes a few minutes, please be patient while it does its work, even if you don't see anything happening for a while on the screen

When you press start again, the system will restart. After the restart you can check that the new kernel and rootfs were installed in the System Info application

The compile date for the kernel and rootfs should be equal to or very close to the date of the updater application.

Change log (9/13/13):
- added OpenGL ES 1 and 2 support; this is based on Etnaviv and Mesa, so fully open source; read details here
- added network configuration utility under the "settings" tab in gmenu2x; you can choose between setting a random password (recommended) or passwordless login; login name is "root"
- fixed problem where the analog joystick (nub) sometimes wouldn't work
- added file type detection for DOS .bat and .com files
- show black screen when switching video mode, instead of leftover graphics data
- screenshots (power + Y) work now for all applications (16 bpp was broken before)
- mouse emulation (power + B) works again
- gmenu2x can now be controlled by joystick
- several graphical cleanups in gmenu2x, also added an animation on tab switching
- gmenu2x now shows large SD card capacities in gigabytes instead of megabytes
- reduced key repeat rate in gmenu2x
- fixes in the gmenu2x file selector
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