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Abuse rev5

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Abuse is a run and gun video game developed by Crack dot Com and published by Electronic Arts in North America and Origin Systems in Europe. Abuse resembles a side-scrolling platform game. The basic gameplay consists of fighting various enemies (mostly the various forms of mutants, who prefer to attack in huge swarms) and solving some simple puzzles, usually involving switches.

Change log (rev5):
• Fixed load game not correctly playing level music
• Fixed load/save menu causing a crash on multiple instances of savegame
• Disabled networking button, since that feature is not complete

revision 4 (rc2)
• Added a crosshair to help guide aiming

revision 3 (rc1)
• Fixed lighting on resolution 320x240 (improved graphics!)

revision 2
• Improved analog shooting mechanics (far more precise!)
• Fixed 'button translation' issue with death hints
• Fixed save/load menu not exiting upon receiving the B button event

first test release
• Fixed asserts due toupper/lower with 'int c" > 255
• Added joystick init code
• Added analog aiming code
• Menu additions and rewrites in order to make it usable without a mouse
• Changed menu buttons (ie enter->a, etc)
• Other possibly forgotten changes
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