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ZX-Spectrum Native O/S 0.0.7

SELECT - menu
START - virtual keys
LT - reset
RT - change sound source
DPAD - joystick
A - joystick fire
B - enter
X - 1
Y - space


keys in virt keys:
A/B - push key
Y - toggle key
LT - caps shift
RT - symbol shift

small help how to open image:

tape (tap/tzx/csw)
- press reset
- open image in menu
- press �I� to enter in basic
- type LOAD �� enter in virtual keys
- press start tape in menu
- choose tape sound source for sound (optional)

disk (scl/trd)
- press reset
- open image in menu
- press enter to enter in max petrov commander
- select file and press enter

Change log ( 0.0.7):
first released dingoo version 0.0.7 for native os supported
images: sna tap tzx csw scl trd
no config file currently supported
reset only in service rom (madrom by AXLR)
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