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hot-PocketSnes Gemei A330 1.0

hot-PocketSnes emulator for the Gemei A330 by David Cervilla.

Ported from the Dingoo version available at

Special thanks to cex. He did the initial PocketSnes port for the Gemei A330. Without his work, I didn't know where to start.

Change log (1.0):

v1.0 2013-03-30 Initial release - Changes related to the PocketSnes port by cex:

- Updated to the latest hot-PocketSnes sources available.
- Fixed a initialization bug preventing correct sound emulation.
- Packed all the graphic files within the executable. Now you only need to install
one file.
- Fixed the ROM browser code to work on the GA330.
- Changed CPU initialization code to use the higher speed mode used by native emulators.
- Fixed a sound buffer that was causing sound cuts for PAL games at 48000 Hz.
- Added 32000 Hz Sound Rate option.
- Changed the sound levels from 0-31 to percentage (0-100) with 5% increments.
- Added Screen Brightness (Backlight) controls.
- Some minor optimizations to gain 1 or 2 FPS at most.

Known bugs

- There's a bug causing sound latency issues when using sound frequencies lower
than 48000 hz. It's more noticeable at the lowest frequencies (11025 or 22050).
- The ones you surely will find. Please report them at

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