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GNUboy for Gemei A330 1.0.5b2

GNUboy for Gemei A330 v1.0.5 beta 2 by David Cervilla

This is a beta release of the GB / GBC emulator GNUboy. This work is based on the original GNUboy port for the Gemei A330 released by cex, and the latest GNUboy v1.0.5 source code from

Change log (1.0.5b2):

07/04/2013 beta 2

- Fixed "Select" key assignment.
- Savestates working without .rc file editing:
"Select" + "L" = Save State
"Select" + "R" = Load State
- Changed default savestate behaviour. Now each savestate has the same name as the rom filename. You have one savestate for each game (for now).

03/04/2013 beta 1 - Initial release

- Updated to the latest GNUboy source code.
- Disabled sound channel 3 (wave) that was causing sound problems (until I can solve them). Now it sounds pretty good.
- Added preliminary volume control.
- Added the CPU high speed initialization code used by native emulators (now it runs at full 60 fps for most games).
- Reassigned key bindings

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